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#TBT: Duke Ellington - Black, Brown & Beige

Duke Ellington - Black, Brown & Beige | Ses Rêveries

Too heavy for a Thursday evening?

I'm just gonna leave this one with you because I've been awful with my #TBT consistency but I reckon having all three movements of this deep, jazzy composition by the legend that was Duke Ellington will leave enough of an impact for me to get away with it.

It's like I always say, you can never go wrong with Duke Ellington and red wine.

Well, that is obviously a lie, I've never said that. But I do believe it. I can visualize the scene: white cosy knits, a glass of (non-alcoholic) wine, lit fireplace in a beach house along the British coast in spring, Ellington playing on a Studebaker turntable - with Cassavetes in the director's seat (obviously), and that is enough for me.

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