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WISHLIST: Winter Capes | Ses Rêveries

Original title, I know.

WISHLIST: Winter Capes | Ses Rêveries
WISHLIST: Winter Capes | Ses Rêveries

I've always wanted a cape of my own, ever since my mother re-appropriated the two I'd stolen from her last summer...

Western or tailored, graphic or muted, cinched it in at the waist or nonchalantly thrown on to cover the hot mess that is your outfit, lightly draped over your shoulders like you're on your way to the ball or desperately clung to while the wind insists you have your Marilyn Monroe moment, the cape is one of the non-basic pieces I can't help but grant 'staple' status.

It's just too multi-functional not to be.

Photo credit: Steven Meisel


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