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WISHLIST: Reiss Open-Front Lola Boots

Reiss Lola Open Front Boots | Ses Rêveries

You know how some fashion stylists can make models look like they were dressed by the gods, while they traipse around town in slacks with greasy hair and no make-up? Yeah, I'm your regular-Joe version.

While I have literally been rocking the "sneakers, leggings-under-jeans and massive coat" combo for the past month, if I could be arsed, this look is one of those outfits I'd actually like to wear in public as the mercury drops this winter.

I was walking through the city centre (see: storming past the thousands of slow-paced families who have taken over the city in the name of Christmas shopping) when I spotted a lady wearing the black version of these suede boots going down the escalator.

Don't ask me how I knew they were by Reiss. I'm not quite sure myself. I just whipped out my phone, pulled up their site, searched through their boots and bam! there they were - and next to them, a gorgeous pair in grey. The outfit I'd've worn with them was thought up seconds later, but the way my bank account is set up... [sigh] I didn't choose the slob life, the slob life chose me.

Cute, non? I fell in love with mom jeans after watching a skit on SNL many years ago, but they just do not suit me at all. I tried on a pair at Topshop this summer and they made me look shorter and frumpier than usual. Seriously, I'm 5'8'' (OK... maybe that 8 is actually a 7) but I looked like an Oompa Loompa in them. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried them on with a cropped jumper? It could just be one of those "Marilyn Monroe up top, Annie Hall at the bottom"-type situations for my awkward, disproportionate frame... I'll be back, Topshop. I'll be back... but you knew that already, didn't you?

Disclaimer: Wondering if this post is sponsored? Pfft, I wish.

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