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Classical: Louis-Claude Daquin - Noël Suisse

Louis-Claude Daquin - Noël Suisse (Renée Anne Louprette cover) | Ses Rêveries

I promise, this will (not) be the last Christmas song I post.

Louis-Claude Daquin composed twelve stunning pieces for his 1757 Nouveau Livre de Noëls «New Book of Christmas», but the last composition, Noël Suisse «Swiss Christmas» is arguably the most popular.

This version, performed by New York-based organ recitalist Renée Anne Louprette, was the only one I could find [by doing the bare minimum amount of research as per usual] that was actually played on a pipe organ - and aside from being bloody amazing, it also comes with a pretty great story that you can read about in the description box for the sound or on Our Lady of Refuge Church's website by searching their news feed for 'pipe organ.'

It's a bit early, but what the heck? Joyeux Noël, belles personnes!*

*This mood will undoubtedly pass come tomorrow morning as I have a technical presentation due in the morning and two long, long meetings to attend right after. Savour it with me.

Photo by me. See the disclaimer for my image use policy.

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