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Editorial: Break a Sweat

OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries

The temperatures have dropped, crushed hailstones litter the streets and windows are misting up. The jumper has fully assumed its role as the textile equivalent of chain mail in the battle against phlegm.

With a camera borrowed from uni and a new thing for out-of-focus shots*, I thought it apt to share some of the knitted beasts that have been keeping me warm and cosy this season in another editorial.

OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries
OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries
OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries
OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries
OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries
OOTD Editorial: Break a Sweat | Ses Rêveries

As with most things I own (particularly the ones that were paid for from my pocket because, y'know, cheap) I got these jumpers with major price slashings thanks to my golden rule of shopping according to fashion week seasons. For example, the cream jumper (currently out of stock but you can find similar ones here and here), I found at the bottom of a summer sale pile in store at Zara this August for an adorable £3.99. I only shop Zara online as a last resort; they really do save the best for those who are willing to get their hands dirty. Bear in mind, it is a UK size 20 though, hence the extra wiggle room, so wins do depend on what you're willing to give up... I have a thing for the potato sack look as discussed here so I usually score a lot more often. I love how airy this is as well; my flat has been boiling these days in a bid to keep the phlegm at bay.

When I found this multi-coloured textured jumper (also out of stock but find similar ones here and here) on the ASOS site April/May last year. I thought it was pretty darn ugly - so of course I had to have it. Pink hues aside, I've probably worn it more than any of my other jumpers. It isn't the most comfortable thing in terms of the texture, but that's kind of what I like about it: feeling the product of what must have been hours if not days of knitting. The £10.50 price tag helps as well... I should be a personal shopper, I'd make a killing saving people money.

To finish off my winter uniform, I throw on a pair of worn-to-death jeans and socks, and proceed to lounge in front of the TV so hard I'm exhausted from all the chilling.

Don't you just love the holidays?


Modelling: Sum Yung Ho**
Hair: model's pillow
Make-up: skin cream and poor focus
Photography: 'Gram Master Kay**
Styling: Kazzablanca**

*I thought I'd let you guys cool off from seeing my face, my face and nothing but my face everywhere in the first of these editorials. It's still so cringe to look at, but then I remember just how much fun it was working with Sanni - such a brilliant, talented young woman!

**Just in case anyone's wondering what the hell kind of people I worked with, they're all me. I've always wanted to try self-shooting and now I think I might be obsessed. Who else can I do these pretentious poses for with such ease?

Photos by me. Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.

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