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Editorial: Sinnerman

Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries

Warning: This post contains flashing images that may be harmful to those with photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries
Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries
Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries
Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries
Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries

So... our very first editorial. Are we all humming Like A Virgin? No? Yeah, me neither...

This shoot was photographed by the lovely and talented Sanni Saarelainen. We met under the most casual of circumstances: we somehow ended up sitting together at a production meeting for a short film I was helping out with where she was the director of photography (my life in a word: random). It started as a discussion about the dilemma she faced on her way to the meeting, being forced to choose between Subway and Bakery 164 for a quick lunch. Fast forward a week or two, and we're chilling in her flat in a charming brownstone, its interior design boasting the faded grandeur of an English nobleman.

You of course wouldn't know this, but me casually being over at other people's houses is not a regular occurrence. I mean, I've known my closest friend, Dee since we were four and I still don't know where his house is (OK, that's really bad, actually). But there I was, admiring her posters and killer moodboards over a bowl of ramen with a small suitcase brimming with clothes and make-up in the corner. That is how welcoming and open Sanni is; her blog is well worth the visit.

Nothing about this particular shoot was planned, hence why I love it so much. I stole borrowed this silk scarf from Mo two years ago, but I've always struggled with how to style it - headscarves in general, really. But as I was putting a capsule closet together to show Sanni, I found this Monki smock dress that when buttoned up makes me feel like a nun off-duty at the bottom of a pile (hence the creases), and had a Eureka! moment. With thoughts of Elsa Schiaparelli in mind, I tossed the scarf and dress to the side for further consideration. But they were clearly guided into the suitcase by some invisible hand because they were the first things to fall out of the suitcase when I got to her place. Et voila!

I went over to her computer to get some background music going while we discussed them, and her gasp at my song choice told me we had a winner; an American classic... and a headscarf! After expressing our mutual love for the legend that was, the makeshift studio was set up, the dress was pulled on and the make-up, applied; all in a flurry of refreshed motivation akin to the desperation in the song's narrative. Minutes later, the shutter started going off and everything else, we took on instinctively, with Sinnerman (see below) playing softly in the background.

I think the results sum us both up quite well. From eighteenth-century portraiture to gothic shadow play, the editorial's got a little bit of a lot of things.


Dress - Monki (similar here; cheaper here) | Heels - Primark (similar here) | Scarf - New Look (similar here)


Modelling, styling, hair and make-up, SFX - Mushu (aka me)
Photography, editing - Sanni Saarelainen

Photos by Sanni Saarelainen. Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.


  1. Gorgeous shots, I really loved this editorial.

  2. Great shots ...


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