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Editorial Teaser: So It Begins...

Editorial: Sinnerman shot by Sanni Saarelainen | Ses Rêveries

Look, ma - I made it onto my own blog again!

It's pretty uncharacteristic of a fashion blogger - not that I particularly claim to be one - to appear as infrequently on his or her own blog as I do on mine, but I've decided to just embrace the narcissism, like I have always done in person (jk).

Last week, I mentioned that I've been playing around with editorials - here is an itty-bitty taster of what I meant. Thoughts?

I've always been obsessed with fashion editorials - this blog can attest to that - so after months of dreaming up imaginary editorials as I attempted to take stock of my overflowing wardrobe (a still-ongoing process smh), I decided to make good use of my position as a student in a young, artsy city who might just be in close proximity to the next Steven Meisels and Camilla Akranses. I actually know even more photographers personally now, but I'd still rather the blog remained a mystery to them... maybe one day, but not while I'm still an observable hot mess in front of the camera, haha.

I got a fair few responses, which was what I was hoping for. Vogue doesn't have just one contributing photographer; why should my blog*?

But Vogue also has models... models who require clothes; cue the #FML moment. I knew not where to find models nor did I fancy letting strangers wear my clothes. And do you know how many stores that would agree to lend clothes to help fulfill the childhood dreams of a healthy, middle-class nineteen-year-old? None, not unless you're already successful at it which makes little sense because to be successful, you need - oh, whatever.

Basically: guess whose face you're stuck with for the foreseeable future, mwahaha!

I know it is a cruel thing to force upon you, but the talented artists on my little roster have more than capable of making me look significantly less horrible than I actually look, so lets all thank our lucky stars for that.

This first shoot has bee my favourite so far, mostly because of how random the entire affair was! It was shot by the talented photographer/filmmaker, Sanni Saarelainen and comes with a little story (one that explains those darned creases, I promise) that you'll be able to read all about when I publish it this Wednesday.

I'm excited - are you excited? I'm excited.

PS - Now, don't get too used to this because I'm not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up what with uni and, y'know, life. For instance, what am I going to do if I go away to do a year in industry? I haven't really thought much further ahead than January, to be honest...

PPS - Since we will be using my own clothes, some of which I have owned for many, many years, I would just like to apologize in advance to the shoppers for anything that is no longer in stock. I'll try to find alternatives where possible.

*Yes... I did just compare my blog to Vogue. Overachiever levels: one hunnid. The disappointment will be so real, but I don't really care.

Photos by Sanni Saarelainen. Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.

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  1. Thank you, Annah! It should be up later today; hope it doesn't disappoint haha xx


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