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Journal: Dear December 1/12

... please be good to me, I really can't afford a sick day.

The weather hasn't really been that bad lately, actually; my defences are just useless. Honestly, I have the worst immune system for a non-anaemic person. Double-layering has helped but I am not feeling all the laundry that follows. As gross as this sounds and as much as I complained for all of Africa about the heat waves this summer (God, it was horrible), I would give anything to feel sweaty again just for a little bit.

Now that we've discussed bodily fluids, it's the first of December and I have suddenly gotten bipolar order from yesterday's Life Lately entry. I'm not saying I'm high on Christmas cheer now or anything, I just had a mild case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" after happening across the snow-dusted faux tree above in UGG Australia's show window. Cute, non?

If it snows this year, then I will truly be a convert. Nothing beats snow - ever. Cold or no cold, I will build my snowman.

Expect similar Christmassy photos over the next twelve days (original, I know) and a few extras as I attempt to rein in my Scrooge tendencies.


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