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Journal: Dear December 4/12

Journal: Dear December 4/12 | Ses Rêveries

This is my kitchen right now. No, this is not the worst of it. And no, I did not have any say in this.

I'm currently researching Eid traditions. I'm not "jumping ship" or anything, it's just that we have a Muslim flatmate and while he isn't around much these days, I still think it's be pretty rude if we have all this stuff up now and not treat any of his religion's special days with the same reverence. Not that Christmas celebrations are particularly Christian anymore, but you get what I mean (I hope).

Maybe I'm just adopting my own imagined distress on another person's behalf, but isn't it bad enough that we get weeks off for Christmas (and New Year's but that's not the point) while some Muslims are technically still supposed to come in to school if Eid falls on a weekday?

Now I've just found out the next Eid is in early July when, luckily, most universities are closed but I still think "we" (i.e. my other flatmates who, again did not ask* if they could nor did they even announce that they had put anything up) can't accost him with our zany decorations in a space that is as much his as it is ours without even considering him - or me, for that matter.

*There's been a lot of that in our flat tbh but I reckon I should save that and my other uni experiences so far for another day, and maybe document it all properly from there?

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