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Life Lately: 50/52 (2014)

Two weeks left, guys! Two weeks and then it's two more weeks until I turn twenty, ahhhhh!

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm going away to London today (that's how many times this year?). It's for a week-long work placement this time though, but as well as gaining experience working in the software development offices of one of the country's biggest telecommunication companies (#excitedmuch), I'm also treating it as the opportunity to experience my future life (amen, amen, amen) as a twenty-something-year-old living in "the big city."

While I'd prefer my "big city" to be New York (Father dearest, it is going to happen; you need to get with the programme), I am in no position to complain at all. I don't even know how I landed a place on the programme but I'm not planning on letting them know how undeserving I am. I'm gonna be the 'Literal Spongebob,' absorbing every piece of information, every bit of advice, whatever I can in those five days that might make some sort of impact on my life because I really need help finding my feet with this whole "choosing a career" thing.

I'm a bit peeved I won't have a camera with me - the above photo is from my trip last month btw - as I'll be in a part of town I've never been before, but we'll see how it goes with my phone.

Now, onto the more important part of this post: where the f--k did the last decade go?! The big 2-0, guys, that's major!

I'm really not looking forward to it. And it's not just because I'll be hunched over a Varga saw for the majority of the day. Yes, that's right. It'll be Build week at uni, so I'll be spending the majority of my birthday in a lab cutting Aluminium box sections, drilling holes and so on for my team's mechatronic buggy, which has been the talk of the faculty since we launched our (rather unusual) design at the poster show on Tuesday. The fun just never stops with me. But attendance is compulsory. Trust me, I checked. Thrice.

Anyway, no, it's because I just do not want to be considered a grown-up for reals. I can get away with my antics now because I still have the -teen suffix. But come January 12, things will never be the same and I don't want to have to be all responsible and level-headed now. It doesn't fit in with my personality in any way. I'm spasmodic, disorganized, snarky and lazy. I have to be forced to eat my vegetables, and even then I still manage to slip them onto the plate of the person closest to me. I laugh when children fall over - hard. Bassett's Soft & Chewy vitamins are the only supplements I take. I still watch the Disney Channel whenever I can. I have had the X-Men vs Avengers argument more times than I care to admit. I am currently wearing my favourite t-shirt which proclaims that I am a tech advisor for Stark Industries, for goodness' sake!

Maturity and I are just two very, very different things that should never coalesce, really. I mean, what next, Father Time? Soon you'll be asking me to get a mortgage and buy a minivan! I want to be a monk now. I want to live on a mountain, grow my own food and get given money by the government so I can travel back into town for a spot of shopping every week... OK, so I may have lost track of the specifics of being a monk, but that is my point! I'm not readyyyyy!

I bet I'll cry. I'll stay up until 10am on the 12th - or was I born at noon? Muuum! - and see that nothing has changed, and that I'm already failing at life as an adult and then I will cry for all of Africa.

I am currently running late for my coach now - standard - so I guess this is where I leave you. I've scheduled next week's posts though - including a #MM post (shocker) - so I'll still be with you in spirit. Y'all have a good week now, you hear?

Photo by me. Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.

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