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On Wednesday We Heard... Alialujah Choir

Alialujah Choir X Portland Cello Project - A House, A Home | Ses Rêveries

Hands down, this is the most beautiful music video I have watched this year. I can't say "ever" because I can barely remember them all, but I'm so tempted to.

Oregon-based band, Alialujah Choir released the visuals to their stunning A House, A Home in collaboration with Portland Cello Project and starring Calvin Morie McCarthy and band member, Meredith Adelaide in 2012. I found this through her website, actually which I definitely recommend you checking out as she's been such an inspiration for me.

In an attempt to not ruin it for you, I will only say that I didn't have an inkling of an idea where this was headed. I was so swept up in how beautiful the visuals and styling were right from the beginning - and still am with every watch - that in those last thirty seconds, my heart literally wrenched as realization hit and I thought of my grandparents. I can't even lie, guys, more than one tear was shed, ruining my tough-girl bravado in the library of all places.

If you do one more thing before you leave this page, it is to click play. The thought, artistry and care that went into making this is quietly obvious, just like the song itself which is a fantastic harmony of gorgeous vocals and soft guitar-driven instrumentals. The blend of poignant lyrics and affecting harmonizing just add a touch of that delicate folk charm with religious undertones. None of the reality behind its making quite registers until the end because you're entirely enveloped in the narration of this little world. Oh, how I wish I could share more but seriously, that first watch is far too precious to destroy any more than I already have.

Let me know what you think - and have a good Christmas!

Photo credit: Alialujah Choir

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