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On Wednesday, We Heard... Chris Staples

Chris Staples - Dark Side of the Moon | Ses Rêveries

Am I the only one who fleets to indie rock and folk music when the winter holidays rolls around?

Chris Staples' Dark Side of the Moon has that nineties folk vibe that's perfect for swaying around your flat to in flannel and cosy socks, Americana style. Soft guitar patterns, an enthralling narrative and a quiet, catchy rhetoric make Dark Side of the Moon a quaint stand-out track from his American Soft album. There's a frailty to how honest the lyrics are, made even more so by the hushed performance. It is beyond worth a listen - or two thousand.

Staples is currently still touring the US so be sure to swing by one of his concerts and let us know how it goes!

Photo credit: Chris Staples/Barsuk Records

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