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How I Style: The Oscars 2015

How I Style: The 2015 Oscars | Ses Rêveries

I was particularly disappointed by the nominations this year.

I love Bradley Cooper but, even without having seen the films yet (term-time = review reading time, then I binge-watch everything over the holidays; God, can you see my commitment to uni? It'd be great if it could reflect in my actual grades too, thanks), I would bet my last penny David Oyelowo and Timothy Spall deserved his Best Actor nomination more. And Ava DuVernay should've made history today. Selma, Mr Turner, Nightcrawler, there were far too many snubs this year. The ceremony loses its prestige exponentially as the years go on... [sigh].

On another note, to the attendees at the Oscar nominations ceremony: if you're ever lucky enough to get an invite and it just happens to fall on one of your Woo Girl days, please remember there are millions of people readily available to take your place and behave appropriately next time... Just sayin', we're right here.

Now that I'm done licking my wounds, shall we move on?

I found it really hard to choose what to wear to the Oscars I'll never be going to. Should I whip out some Marchesa tulle, play it safe with ODLR (and by safe, I mean you cannot go wrong with any of his designs because it's Oscar de la freaking Renta) or make a dramatic entrance in a black Valentino? Decisions, decisions, decisions... so I've pooled together a few looks I'd consider.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Maticevski | Ses Rêveries

For the red carpet, I'm all about solid colours. The wrong print, and you could find yourself in 'formal wear' territory, and there is a line to be drawn between the two - apparently.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Zac Posen | Ses Rêveries

If Zac Posen doesn't even cross your mind when you think red carpet, I really just do not know what to say to you. I really don't. With this and this and this and this, the man has clearly established himself as King of the Ballgown. You owe it to yourself to at least consider him.

If I could afford it, this would be the Posen dress I'd undoubtedly get, regardless of the fact that I'll probably never have anywhere to wear it to. I could literally just wear it around the house, running around exactly the way Anna did and feeling just a teensy bit like Grace Kelly.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Stella McCartney | Ses Rêveries

Yes, yes, I know I said absolutely no whites last time. But wouldn't this Stella McCartney crepe number change your mind too? Look at it, it's flawless - with an open back, by the way! Uh, hello, sexy, didn't see you there.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Carven | Ses Rêveries

This Carven dress makes me want to cry from happiness. It's so stunning, I'd 100% risk being a rinse-and-repeat awards season offender with the off-shoulder look if I could get to wear this. I paired with obvious pieces like the Saint Laurent sandals and black lace because sometimes things are predictable for a reason; they just work.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Zuhair Murad | Ses Rêveries

Nina Dobrev appears to have beat me to my first-choice Zuhair Murad for the Golden Globes - you had Somerhalder, girl, could you not have given me this one? - but this number is equally as stunning and effective!

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Elie Saab | Ses Rêveries

Elie Saab's beaded number is just the right touch of ladylike without making me want to barf and ask myself why I'm subconsciously letting my mother dress me.

What, Zac Posen again? Yes. And a sleeveless number, no less! I didn't believe it either, but if the man can make me find mermaid dresses absolutely stunning, he is beyond capable of getting me into anything.

How I Style: Oscars 2015 - Oscar de la Renta | Ses Rêveries

Because Oscar. And also, I'm really digging purple and burgundy these days.

Others that would have made it onto the list if it wasn't already similar to one of the above or if I ever thought I could pull them off include this Lela Rose keyhole cutout-back floral jacquard gown, this Stella McCartney Kimberly stretch-cady gown, this Christian Siriano off-shoulder marble-pattern gown, this Carolina Herrera brocade jacquard strapless gown and basically anything by Zac Posen or Marchesa.

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Oscars image sourced from Time Out and edited by me

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