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Quote: Birthday Blues w/ Henry L. Mencken

Birthday Blues w/ Henry L. Mencken | Ses Rêveries

My dear Mr Mencken, you just get me.

Quick update: I've been on a major inspiration trip since the arrival of JARVIS (no more grainy cellphone photos!), so I ended up coming up with a few ideas for the blog, like these quote cards for example, that I'm so excited to be working on. Some of the posts are actually drafts I wrote over a year ago! I can't wait to share them all with you lot. As a result, I've had to switch up the editorial calendar quite a bit. So if you're wondering where this week's Life Lately is, I promise I didn't forget this time. You may have noticed me feebly attempt to give Instagram more action these past few months (feel free to follow me via the link below). In a bid to pick up the pace, I've decided to move the regular photo updates there and give the Life Lately series a face lift I'm 100% certain you'll prefer - among others.

For all the updates, check out the handy new Features tab above, which I'll be updating with any new series as soon as they go live. Organization game on fleek, or nah? Could my mature-and-responsible-twenty-year-old senses be tingling already?!

Now... to force myself to finally log in and check my blog e-mails (my stomach churns at the thought of how many I've left unattended, I feel like such a terrible person but uni is haaarrrddd :( any volunteer PAs in the building? I pay in Haribos and student discounts).


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