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#TBT: Ray Charles - I Got A Woman

Ray Charles - I Got A Woman | Ses Rêveries

I watched Ray over Christmas and was reminded of just how easy it is for me to completely and utterly forget about a song until I hear it again. My memory is just mush.

While it did birth a genre of music I still feel ambivalent about, I Got A Woman is still probably my favourite Ray Charles song, a secular re-work of the jubilee quartet, the Southern Tones' It Must be Jesus. For one, one simply cannot deny its shimmy-inducing powers. Oh, how I long for those midi skater dresses I used to turn my nose up at and the pearls I used to borrow from my mother every time it plays. Sometimes, I feel I was made for the fifties - then I hear the line about a woman's place being in her home and I thank God for the here and now, and the (hopefully sooner and even brighter) future. With the same parents and my temperament, I wouldn't have lasted very long at all.

But still, they had some really good music back in the day, it really is unfair. My #MusicMondays posts were so few and far between last semester because a lot of the new releases on my radar made my ears bleed and my eyes water. Why, Lord, are we subjected to people like Bobby Shmurda and French Montana (the latter is always the scapegoat, but the man is truly useless)?

If you've found yourself in a similar music slump, honestly, don't bother settling. It'll either dumb you way down or just make you numb. Widen your circle, explore Sound Cloud (or Spotify if you enjoy being saturated by ads/are crazy fancy enough to pay for Premium) or take a trip to a record store and rewind the clocks with the likes of good ol' Ray Charles.

If you're into remixes, give the Kanye and Elvis versions a rest, and check out Al Kooper's grand cover.

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