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Favourites: Dion Lee Fall 2015


All hail the Aussies at NYFW!

Sydney-based designer, Dion Lee scored full marks across the board with his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. It isn't uncommon for me to lust after every piece birthed by his sartorial genius; his consistency in blowing me away truly is remarkable.

I don't care much for skirts; I'm not exactly a ladylike 'sitter' so anything that might make me fall prey to an up-skirt Britney Spears moment - or worse - must be worn over pants, tights or if the weather calls for it ("let the [summer countdown] games begin"), shorts. But the peekaboo cut-out details, symmetrical slits and fishing net over-skirts still had me wishing I had a bank account to match.

Stunning funnel neck shirts, grandpa cardigans, tailored suits and dresses (my favourite), boxy jackets in black, white, greens and blues - I have now betrothed myself to what I predict will be one of the season's most relevant highlights: mountain blue, with the occasion blend of grey and/or green.

The Dion Lee woman next season will be a sight for sore eyes.

Photo courtesy: Marcus Tondo /

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