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Favourites: Zac Posen Fall 2015

Zac Posen Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection | Ses Rêveries

I'm not sure how often one can fawn over a person on the blogosphere before it becomes incredibly embarrassing, but I have a sneaky suspicion I've already crossed that line with Mr Posen.

After haplessly gushing over the one man I would beg on my hands and knees to dress me for any and every award show ever in my Oscars 2015 style post, it should come as no surprise that his collection would make an appearance in what is possibly the most attention I have given any fashion week in the short history of this blog.

With appearances cherry picked from my list of favourites - Naomi (obvi), Grace Mahary, Herieth Paul and Lais Ribeiro (babes), Ming Xi and Alek Wek (stunners), Ophelie Guillermand and Kouka Webb (LOMLs), the Zac Posen Fall 2015 show was as much of a spectacle as you'd imagine; a cooling salve for this drama queen's fashion heart. But there shouldn't have been an eye in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall that wasn't on Anna Cleveland in her twirling tornado of satin and midriff-baring cut-outs.

A video posted by Anna Cleveland (@anna_vrc) on


And yet...

With just one ball gown, his eye seems to have strayed further from the red carpet this season making the New Yorker's latest collection feel a little offbeat. There are of course, sure winners. Everything featuring that beautiful shade of plum stands out. He also hints at another one of my favourites for the season: slit sleeves as shown in this stunning pantone orange number. But his attempts at tailoring win only in the form of dresses with cinched-in waists and stunning brocade.

He's got an eye for the female form and a knack for flaunting it in a glamorous blend of hourglass-shaped illusions (at least, it would be an illusion in my case), textured fabrics and voluminous skirts reminiscent of a young girls' Quinceañera. And I wish he'd avoid the minimalism shtick and stick to honing that.

You can never have too many princesses, even in my "can I have sneakers with that?" opinion...


Photography by Gianni Pucci /

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