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Journal: They're Not All Diamonds

Journal: They're Not All Diamonds | Ses Rêveries

Random Easy A reference (see #2 here) but I've rather enjoyed using quotes for my journal titles this year; thought I'd make it a "thing"...

But first off, it's award season, and the award for the most neglected blog goes to... OK, my last post was on Friday but that's beside the point. Like Mr Griffith, I've been pondering how valuable the chicken nuggets of wisdom and what not I used to fry and serve up on this blog (stay with me, it's been a long day) and Twitter and so on every day were for quite some time.

So I cut down the frequency after getting high off that "quality over quantity" green Mo's been smoking, just in time to barely have any time at all to even sign in here most days, much less keep any of it up.

But one-word posts? I mean, that's just low.

So to apologize, I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peek at what I've been cooking up for you (geddit now?) between lectures, labs, coursework, meetings* etc in the greatly diminished, more precious free time I have that used to be solely reserved for this e-space. And sleep (God, I miss sleep).

Journal: They're Not All Diamonds | Ses Rêveries

That's Sanni and me in a major DIY studio situation, discovering that the "continuous timer" function on DSLRs does not in fact mean it'll take one photo every couple of seconds like I claimed. No, it means it'll just count down as expected, and then take multiple shots per second like a frigging miniature machine gun.

Anyway, I thought it'd be cool if you guys saw these before we shared our Tiger Lily adventures (among others) so that when we do publish them, you can give me the virtual side eye and be all, "why you playin'? We know it's all dungarees, Nikes and flush folders under all that bravado."

But we do it for you guys, really :)

*The Student Union kind, not the "ooh, I'm a successful blawgah" kind :(

Photography by me. Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.


  1. Oo cannot wait to see how it turns out! And that quality over quantity green is some good stuff, just as Shini ;)

  2. Hahaaa, couldn't have picked a better Exhibit A myself! And I'm excited about them toooo! :D:D


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