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JOURNAL: We're Picking Up A Lot of Chatter

JOURNAL: We're Picking Up A Lot of Chatter | Ses Rêveries

I know, I've been blogging a lot lately. Unfortunately, I have to advise that neither of us get used to it.

You see, the tender loving care the blog's been getting is just a reward (the I'm-too-broke-for-anything-else kind - mmm, my favourite) for the 100% I got on an exam recently.

[jaws drop the world over]

Yeah, I don't know how it happened either but I didn't do that well on the last lab report so I'm not about to question anything. Fingers crossed my score doesn't randomly change when he figures out there's been a big mistake some day. I skipped (see: didn't realize the exam also covered) about three chapters in my revision and basically asked Jesus and my intuition to take the wheel on the questions that came out on the exam from that section... I may have to take a screen shot of my grades, just in case. If it does go away, at least I'll have that screenshot to remember it by.

Anyway, I'm taking it as proof that paying attention to your studies is directly proportional to the grades you get. Who'd have thunk, right?! So I've dedicated more of my free time to burying my face in textbooks in between learning how to code (I'm on a really exciting course/placement thing and I'm hoping to use whatever bits and bobs I learn to tweak this e-space of ours too) and shooting with Sanni - and the new guys! Yes, our little creative team appears to be growing following the sudden, tragic loss of Erika last month.

She didn't die or anything. God, no, that'd be awful. We just didn't see eye to eye on the idea of sharing copyrights to the images we worked on. My guess is 'hiring' professional photographers is different to requesting collaborators? After speaking to a few people about it though, it kills me that I might actually have to get people to sign contracts now. It feels so unbelievably unnecessary but I really don't want any confusion going forward, to the extent that I'm willing to risk losing the opportunity to work with people. It might be free work but I don't think it's ridiculous to think photos created from briefs* provided by "the blog" to be published on the blog should at least partly belong to said blog too. I might not be a photographer yet, but the thought of having images I've worked so hard on for my blog (really cannot stress this enough, apparently) being used without my knowledge - or permission if it's anything commercial or whatever - makes my skin crawl too. I'm not saying that'll never happen, but that's not the point. It is the principle of the thing (how British do I sound right now?). Literally, all I'm asking for is an "&"!

Anyway. I don't want to give anything away about the new projects because everything's still very much up in the air at the moment and I'm worried I'll jinx it, but like I teased yesterday, things are kind of happening and it should be really awesome. I know I keep saying I'll be sharing everything soon, but you may also get to see something a little (see: very) different I helped Sanni with too... if I can manage to get over the shock. It's by no means perfect but it has got me really motivated about something else I've always wanted to do but never thought possible. JARVIS** might be in for a real treat this year.

But seriously, it's crazy to think a snap decision to be Enninful 2.0 for a bit and a chance encounter over baked goods can spiral into all of this. I'm such a drama queen though, so don't go getting any ideas. We're not packing up to freelance for Vogue; I'm just excited, is all :)

But first, I need to finish my coursework. I would very much like to get to that point in life where receiving an e-mail about my favourite lab's opening hours being extended doesn't make me "whoop-whoop!"

I would also like to not be the person with a favourite lab.

This one is always just the right temperature though...

JOURNAL: We're Picking Up A Lot of Chatter | Ses Rêveries

*I mean, I take my art direction to mild OCD levels because I try to assume all roles when I write them. I know exactly what the shots will look like, so these briefs are pretty darn detailed as well. It's not just "Our concept? Flowers. OK, go!"

**JARVIS - Just a Rather Very Impressive SLR. OK, so the "impressive" may have more to do with him belonging to me than his actual spec, being an entry-level camera and all

Title quote: from basically every TV show about law enforcement ever, but it's technically paraphrased from one of my favourite repeat offenders, NCIS. Speaking of, anyone else absolutely loving Pauley Perrett's Beautiful Child?

Photography by me sans JARVIS

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