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Special: Blue Valentine

Special: Blue Valentine | Ses Rêveries

I will admit to deciding to orchestrate this special solely because I just really wanted to borrow that title; this shoot literally couldn't have been further removed from the film.

Somewhat embarrassing but not at all surprising: I've never had a Valentine. Save for what I've seen on TV and heard from regular participators, I'm not entirely clear on the concept as, with the lack of heart-shaped chocolates and pink, rose-scented everything, it is literally just another day on the calendar these days (apologies to St. V). The only exceptions are the garish display windows at the mall, the cheesy one-liners in the subject fields of my fifty-minimum e-newsletters per day in the countdown to the 14th (please stop, please), and the fact that people are either especially giddy, just plain sentimental or hilariously inconsolable - I know two people who will be forced to update their relationship statuses on Facebook tomorrow.

Without these little reminders though - and the fact that, with being a blogger comes this pressure to acknowledge such "happenings" - the day would otherwise pass by unnoticed.

Special: Blue Valentine | Ses Rêveries

This year though, after sitting through a colleague's account of his plans for the fateful evening (I believe Russian Roulette was top of my list of things I'd rather have been doing), I started to wonder what would happen if I ever actually did have reason to pay this day any kind of special attention in the stereotypical 'in a relationship' sense. The modern-day connotations of the "holiday" include far too many of my Kryptonites for it to be an enjoyable process: flowers (how is floriculture even an industry?), rum truffles (God, just eww), romance etc etc.

Special: Blue Valentine | Ses Rêveries

The only aspect I would enjoy would be the most superficial of them all, but I wholly support any and all capitalist ploys that put me on the receiving end of presents. Exhibit A: I recently asked my dad's opinion on me making my kids give me presents on their birthdays as well. They would obviously get presents too, but it really is only fitting after enduring several months of emotional turmoil and deliberation with social workers for them.* He countered that it has never once crossed my mind to do anything even remotely similar for my mum on my birthday, but that's just a technicality. It can be a new tradition, for my branch of the family tree.

Special: Blue Valentine | Ses Rêveries

Anyway, it was somewhere on that train of thought that the direction for this V-Day Special was more or less born. In what was meant to be a rather dismal tale of courtship, I had a very different ending in mind after we gave up trying to find a dashing model to play the love interest. But on what was probably the coldest morning I have ever experienced in my life somewhere between 8 and 10am, not long before I had to run to a lecture, wiping my face and changing on the way, we decided to just leave it open to interpretation...

... which basically translates to "we just could not take the frozen fingers and chattering teeth any longer."

But at least for two hours, I got to pretend I was meeting up with my Valentine who, in reality, will be freshly-baked bread topped with meat, pepper and cheese, and stuffed with tomato sauce... I think I traded up, to be honest!

Now, how will you be spending yours?

Special: Blue Valentine | Ses Rêveries


Bathrobe - Primark (so old, I thought I'd lost it years ago; similar here) | Lipstick - MUA | Coat - H&M** (similar here) | Dress - thrifted (a purposeless gift from my mother... the irony; similar here)


Modelling, styling, creative directing, hair & make-up - Poop D-O-double-G
Photography - Sanni Saarelainen

*I can just see my mother's face right now lol

**I'm pretty sure I've been saying it's from Dorothy Perkins on the blog for over a year now though #awkward... this is what happens when you steal borrow your sibling's clothes. Thanks, Mo!

Please see the disclaimer for my image use policy.

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