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#TBT: The Police - Don't Stand So Close to Me

#TBT: The Police - Don't Stand So Close to Me | Ses Rêveries

I always dreamed of having a hot teacher when I was younger...

Odd, but not out of character. I also wished I would get pregnant at sixteen, have a namesake daughter, who we'll all affectionately call Kari, and move to a small town in Connecticut with a new quick wit and many a hot guy on my tail. What can I say, I live for fiction.

One of my wishes did come true though, and in retrospect, I do feel like a "thank God" is necessary. There are now three lecturers in particular at my uni (and two postgrads, but who's counting?) who've been providing me with sufficient eye candy just about everyday. One of them does in fact bear a striking resemblance to a young Sting... who in turn looks a hell of a lot like James Cameron but no one else here agrees with me.

But still, I'd never once think to "stand so close" to any of them. Not just because that would be incredibly unprofessional and a bit weird, but also... personal space. I just take my rites of passage very seriously. Next up, climb to the top of the Hallelujah Mountains and tame a banshee to earn my Ikran Makto status.

Kìyevame, kids.

Photo credit: A&M Records

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