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Mary Jane Russell by John Rawlings for Vogue December 1953 | Ses Rêveries

I haven't been drinkin' personally, but this has been one of those weeks...

With only a week to go, I'm now absolutely dreading Easter; so many deadlines, so little time. Oh, to be able to lounge in Chinese silk pyjamas, furry mules and a turban with a glass of whatever that is - no cigarette though, as I'm a recovering addict - all day like MJR here [sigh].

"Recovering addict", I hear you say. "I thought you said even second-hand smoke made your eyes water."

This is still true. And two months ago, I would've happily been able to tell you I'd never smoked a day in my life. But last month, I had to put a cigarette in my mouth for a role in a short film which is essentially the exact same thing as smoking, regardless of the fact that I did not inhale.

I also had to inhale second-hand water vapor from my 'lesbian lover' for a role in another friend's zany-ass music video. I made sure not to actually breathe any of it in though, just blow it right back out because I felt my mother would be less likely to kill me if I didn't actually assimilate the vapor (but it still counts as smoking from where I'm standing).

Now, of course, I feel I must share these videos with you so you can laugh at me with me; I'll find out from them when I might be able to and let you know.

Anyway, I still don't attribute my recovering nicotine addict status to any of the above; I'm just confessing my "sins" to put my mind at ease. No, my addiction is wholly because I unavoidably had to spend quite a lot time around smokers for a few consecutive days; you know what these artist types are like. I then decided I didn't want a Dana Reeve situation in my future, so I limited contact to indoor spaces. Suddenly, I got the worst stomach bug, terrible migraines and increased irritability... OK, the latter was a tricky one to spot seeing as irritable is kind of my default setting, but it was marginally worse. I am not a hypochondriac, I'll have you know, but I did do a bit of Googling and it turns out those are all totally symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It lasted for about two days, but I was technically still a nicotine addict in cold rehabilitation for the duration, regardless.

And yes, I do feel a little bit like a rock star. But never again.

Photo credit: Mary Jane Russell by John Rawlings for Vogue December 1953

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