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Unified: Flatmate Chronicles 01

Unified: My Student Life | Ses Rêveries

Something very interesting happened over the weekend that has inspired this entire series (I know, another one?): my flatmate's been murdered.

I mean, it's all speculation at the moment but I'm telling you, man, this whole thing reeks of foul play.

I'm sure I've mentioned my flatmate, R before; or at least her incredible cooking that on one occasion had me peeking into the trash to find out what ingredients she used (a low moment for me, I'll admit, but you should have smelled that stirfry... heavenly). R i.e Ruomeng is an Accounting student from Hong Kong who mostly kept to herself... and by that I mean, I can count how many times I've physically seen her since we moved in on one hand.

She wasn't much of a talker. Aside from the obligatory "hey" we exchanged on the rare occasions where we crossed paths in the kitchen, the most I got out of her was her course name, what year she was in and where she was from - and that's way more than the others in our flat got. I had never seen her leave the flat either, not once in all the months I'd "known" her.

Then, one day, weeks before the Easter break, I saw her at the local supermarket. I almost didn't recognize her in clothes that weren't pyjamas. In fact, I don't think I did recognize her until I returned with my groceries and saw that the girl I'd spotted paying at the checkout when I walked in wearing this totally covetable camel trench coat was now in our kitchen, emptying the contents of her grocery bags into the fridge. Two days later, there was a note on the kitchen bulletin board.

And that was when I knew.

Totes suspicious, right?

Why would a girl who's just been to the shops to get fresh produce - carrots, garlic, onions that were still on her shelf when I checked just after I saw the note btw - suddenly up and leave town? And at such an awkward time in the academic year? There was a ton of food in her cupboard too, as well as her pots and pans and so on.

As I mentioned here, I appropriated her trolley bag because of my post-paintball trauma. But as the rest of the flatmates picked off the rest of her stuff, it got me thinking: what if Ruomeng "generously leaving us her supplies" was actually her kidnapper trying to get rid of evidence, maybe something that's got their DNA on it?

... maybe the murder weapon?

After a while, Ruomeng's mail started coming in. In all the months she was here, I'd never once seen a letter come for her. Either she never used to get any, or she was just super efficient with picking them up. That hardly sounds like the kind of person who wouldn't let people know about her change of address, does it? Especially when it's on a different continent! But maybe I'm just reaching further with that one.

Theories were swapped between Mo and I about what could've happened to Ruomeng (she immediately jumped to the same conclusion when I mentioned the note; gotta love family). I even got my cousin-who-isn't-actually-my-cousin N hooked on this little in-house soap opera, but I eventually grew bored of the lack of developments (in the movies, the hero would've crossed paths with the baddies by now)... And then, this Sunday morning happened.

There I was, returning to my room with a bowl of ice cream at the ungodly hour of 8 o'clock in the morning, when I hear Ruomeng's door open down the hall behind me. I can tell exactly which door in my flat's been opened just by listening - a skill I've had to master to avoid kitchen small talk or having to endure the painfully awkward walk out of the building together (the social situation in my flat is pretty... rigid) - so of course, I spun around in shock, expecting to see her walk out covered in blood a la (**SPOILER ALERT**) Amazing Amy.

But it wasn't Ruomeng. It was a tall, brawny Chinese guy with a backpack and a very suspicious look on his face. He paused and looked at me. I looked back at him. Like every unfortunate person in the movies who's just walked in on something they shouldn't have, I offered a "hey" but he just turned and walked out the main door, disappearing forever.

I messaged Mo whip-fast (someone had to know what had happened in case I too suddenly disappeared because I'd seen too much). Her verdict: this guy was the clean-up crew! It totally makes sense that they would send a Winston Wolfe, right? But who is "they"? Mo thinks Ruomeng might actually have been a prostitute who pissed off her pimp. My theory: maybe she didn't "study Accounting", maybe she actually worked as an accountant for some very dangerous people and she noticed something not quite right with the books. Now she's paid the ultimate price, and the cleaner came to make sure she didn't make any copies of her findings.

Or maybe she ran away when she figured out what was going on before they could get to her, and Wolfe came looking for clues to her whereabouts! Maybe her note is actually some kind of cryptic message we're supposed to decipher to help save her! Oh, my God this is so awesome... well, maybe not for Ruomeng but I am having way too much fun playing Sherlock.

I shall keep you all informed as and when anything new happens. In other news, I've successfully binge-watched How to Get Away With Murder and Daredevil for the umpteenth time* - so good!

Keep your eye out for more uni chronicles and whatnot under the Unified tag (get it?).


Poster by me for Ses Rêveries

*Remember my last post? If my coursework is the water, now you know the anchor.


  1. Loving this series already! Sorry R! I really hope you are ok and safe ;)

  2. Hahaa, yeah, I'm thinking of putting flowers in front of her door to commemorate her, and a drawing of a stick figure with glasses on in a frame since no-one has any pictures of her (omg, new theory: maybe she too is an assassin?!)


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