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Playlist / May 2015

Playlist / May 2015 | Ses Rêveries

The countdown to exams begins - ahem... with less than a week to go to the first one.

I think I promised a revision playlist but it's been pretty embarrassing so far (no, really) so I'll share it after exams when I have my wits about me (the irony) and can mock with due diligence.

Instead, I've curated a miniature playlist featuring some of my favourites. This month's honorary mentions go to Leon Bridges (obviously), a man after my throwback-happy heart and Tay Iwar, the Nigerian (no, really, I Googled him... twice) vocalist who's artfully treading the less beaten path, well away from that of Wizkid and his many shadows (... LAX, wa'gwan?). If you haven't heard the seventeen-year-old's mixtape already, I wouldn't be surprised as he's hardly the kind of sound to be promoted with gusto from the motherland. I only caught on in February. To make matters worse, the kid's from Abuja* [sigh].

Lets not hold that against him though; be sure to give his mixtape Passport a listen... ad infinitum, I'm sure. While you're at it, his brother** Suté Iwar is the neo-African Diaspora's truth too so don't miss out on his debut mixtape, Jelí.

find the playlist on Sound Cloud here / feel free to follow me on Sound Cloud here

Poster by me for Ses Rêveries

*That shade was all kinds of intentional. The "capital" is yet to prove its pop cultural worth to me.

**Don't quote me on that. I'm straight-up assuming here; they could be cousins, second-cousins, uncle/nephew or it could well be that all they share is a surname and nothing else.

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