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Postcard 01 / Newbury

Postcard / Newbury, UK | Ses Rêveries

Yes! A legit reason for my absence: I've been away - to Newbury, in fact!

I know, where the fudge is Newbury, right? It's a little (very little, my God) town in West Berkshire, not that far from where I live when I'm not living in Leeds... or Manchester... or Glasgow... or Port Harcourt... And this is the reason for the look of utter confusion when people ask where I live or worse, where I'm from. Fudge if I know.

Anyway, I was there for an interview for a placement I know I'm not gonna get, which is depressing because I actually really wanted it (and not just because I'm poor and actually need one), but such is the story of my life. At least the walk around the square, oblivious to the fact that my dad was driving around looking for me (lol), was kinda nice.

Photo by me for SesRevs

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