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Journal: Who's Your Daddy?

Journal: Who's Your Daddy? | Ses Rêveries

The prodigal blogger returns...

I've decided it's time I took off the blawgger mask and showed you all my Peter Parker (major innuendo potential or no?). Last month, I got to watch this year's unveiling of The Wall in my university's Student Union that now has my name etched on it.

OK, I'm pretty sure they're wall stickers or something, but whatever. I'm uni royalty now, along with all the other student representatives this year. Filled with a sense of pride (and, of course, justice as it's about time I got some recognition for how awesome and fit for fame and eternal glory I am), I stared at my name for a good five minutes before it dawned on me that I haven't told you guys what it is I do when I'm not spewing out badly-written posts on here or sleeping in class, so a post about it would make no sense to you. But I count this as one achievement I definitely want to remember when I read this blog back years from now, something to make the terrible jokes and typos hurt a little less.

Believe it or not, I'm the Obama of my university's School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. They don't actually call it "school president" here (sadly), but that hasn't stopped me from telling people that's what I am - followed by a sassy (h)air flip and a "hashtag bow down b---hes." In summary, I represent all the undergraduates studying EEE in the University and the Union. I also get an awesome Union staff lanyard which gets me 10% off in the Union #sweg. Unfortunately, that comes with a lot of meetings (like, a lot and not just during the day; this ain't no 9-to-5 gig) and paperwork and e-mails.

Still, it would've been pretty manageable as it's a lot more fun than I thought it would be, if I wasn't also secretary/academic secretary on two student society committees whilst working three freelance writing jobs, one of which was for Spice TV. Readers in the motherland may know them as they've got a channel on DSTV as well. That was probably my favourite job (and not just because it was the only one that actually paid either) but I had to stop all of them because I just wasn't managing my time efficiently enough to keep on top of both editorial and coursework deadlines. We can't all be Margaret Zhang (the legitimate love of my life, just so you know).

I've got one more school event for the year tomorrow (no Leeds Ball for me this year) and then it's officially the end of my second year, so I feel a retrospective is in order. I like to think I did an OK job this year considering how divided my attention was but that's so not true. I was late, forgetful, distracted, exhausted - more all over the place than usual. However, I wouldn't trade any of those experiences in for anything.

Running our African-Caribbean Society introduced me to a ton of amazing people from across my university to those as far as Portsmouth - and don't even get me started on the cultural revelations. My other committee took my School's departmental society from near obscurity (no seriously, half of us didn't even know we had one) to winner of a People's Choice Award and the Most Improved Society award at the Union's answer to the Oscars. And in partnership with Athena SWAN, we threw the faculty's first inter-society event celebrating women in engineering with free pizzas (and shots, but I left that bit out of my report). I also ended up channelling my inner log of wood on YouTube (I still can't watch it; I just know I pulled a Kristen Stewart, all dead eyes and no facial expression). So it wasn't all bad in the end!

I've been told I got a few nominations for Academic Rep of the Year as well. I didn't make the shortlist though which isn't at all surprising because a) it's me, b) it's by the number of nominations you get and EEE is notorious for not participating in anything that won't give them extra credit (even I forgot to nominate people after I sent an e-mail to everyone else encouraging them to do so #awkward) and c) even if I did, I definitely wouldn't deserve it given all the success stories I hear at our rep meetings. I worked with some pretty incredible, hardworking people this year, no doubt. Plus d) it's me. But I still get the feels just thinking about it. Even if it was just the one person who took the time to fill in that nomination form, it's so sweet I'm still not sure how to deal with it, a month later. I'm glad I don't know who did it or what they said. I'd probably hug them or pull a Pippin and declare my eternal servitude, something dramatic.

But there's more...

This week, I found out that, just like my American counterpart (POTUS), I've been given a second chance to take the helm of EEE for next year #2termz. I'm super excited and have already developed my action plans but given that I'll also have my individual project to do (I still can't think of a project and I'm freaking out; a friend of mine already had his prototype this time last year and he hadn't even started third year yet [sad face]), a few group projects and hopefully a part-time job (amen), I won't sugar coat it: the blog will suffer immensely.

But I'm working on a few things this summer to preempt the hiatuses (translation: I did another stupid thing but it's working out pretty well so far). I also have one other thing going on this summer that's super cool - or at least it will be to a choice few when I tell you tomorrow once I've started and it's all, y'know, real.

So now you know the dealio. Spiderman's been exposed and he's not nearly as cool as he's been pretending to be in these internetz (see: failing at pretending to be).

But you know you love him anyway ;)

Photography by me (an outtake from a rightfully discarded self-portrait editorial)

Title reference: Remember the Titans (2000)

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