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Samm Henshaw - Only Wanna Be With You | Ses Rêveries

Well, 'ello, Samm Henshaw. Don't you look dapper?

Funnily enough, I tend to be hyper-critical whenever I see the word "freestyle." Without a doubt, it is all the Nigerian music industry's fault. I hate to give it any exposure at all, regardless of how little "influence" this blog has, but just listen to Iyanya's Bust My Brain and you will see what I mean. What should be a marvelling display of one's intrinsic musical prowess, they turn into tearjerkers for all the wrong reasons. In fact, I think it warrants a post of its own so I'll move on to my point.

It was some time earlier this year when I happened upon Only Wanna Be With You. I saw the words "freestyle" in the description and my demented, evil half-smile entered stage right with the quickness. Before I'd even hit play, I was more than ready to put Only Be With You in a metaphorical bonfire, hack the burnt corpse into little pieces, pack it up in bin bags and take it to the skip.* But oh, how wrong I was! And it turns out it wasn't the first time I'd judged the Londoner before I'd even given him a chance.

His Best Song Ever cover somehow found itself on my Facebook timeline sometime last year but of course, I dismissed it without a second thought thinking it was another equally annoying rendition of One Direction's cover. To err is human, so there's definitely no doubting my species.

Where do I even begin with this guy? His rich, smooth voice is soulful beyond his years. Like Leon Bridges, he's on a mission to marry the old with the new in what has already become a sensational portfolio of compelling neo-soul narratives and incredible vocal dexterity. His transitions from sweet crooning to gravelly roaring over gorgeous arrangements are nothing short of magical and his latest single Better couldn't prove that more.

But today, it's the freestyle that changed everything. With stellar production straight outta church with the help of Mikespro, there's no mistaking this guy is on some whole other level... I think I'm in love with you too, Mr Henshaw.

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*OK, so I watched HTGAWM again.

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