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#TBT: Blu Cantrell X Sean Paul - Breathe

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing; all o' the airbrushing in this video, not so much.

It's gonna be short and sweet today, folks. I picked this week's #TBT in honour of Blu, after only just hearing about the attack she suffered late last year. Of course, I still know all the words; Breathe is classic R'n'B, back in the days when Sean Paul was in his prime and not a 40-something-year-old with an oddly fascinating mohawk. I simply cannot fathom the thought of any pre-Noughties kid roaming the streets with no knowledge of this song's existence.

The clocks have been set back to 2003. The Americans are fighting war in Iraq (boo), iTunes has just been invented (yay) and car boats are officially a thing... well, that last one didn't quite catch on like it should've, did it?

Sidenote: I could be in the middle of the most important presentation of my life - I'm talking Emma Watson/#HeForShe huge here - and I'd still pause to sing along to that bit from 0:02. You can't not.

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