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Misun - Met You (Cousin Cole X Nacey Edit) | Ses Rêveries

You really can't go wrong with the rich, sexy air-vibrations of the saxophone, as Sammy Banana proves. Add the twinkling saloon piano from John Lennon's Jealous Guy and you won't need a soothsayer to tell you you've got a winner on your hands. Enter Misun with Met You, stage left.

To say I love Met You would be an understatement, but I almost prefer this edit by Misun's guitarist/producer Andrew "Nacey" Wallace and Cousin Cole, who never disappoints. Released a year ago, the softer psychedelic tempo and old western pop influence just does magic to the band's Sixties rock vibe and frontwoman, Misun Wojcik's throaty, soulful vocals. This song is summer.

Of all the things those of us who are or have ever been bound by the shackles of some academic institution or other associate with summer, time is probably the most significant. As soon as the sun starts peeking out behind those omnipresent clouds (blah-blah England blah-blah weather blah-blah rubbish), everything slows down and suddenly there's time to do. Do what? Well, everything. Anything you could possibly have put a pin in - from that book you wanted to read to the next spot on your travel hit list - feels ripe and ready to come down from the "some day" wall and into the Now.

And yet, even with the limited window, there's never any rush - because above everything else, you have time to relax.

T'is the season of "slow living" and I'll be doing mine to this song right here all summer long - or trying to, at least.

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