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Playlist / July 2015

Playlist / July 2015 | Ses Rêveries

I think this may be my most incoherent playlist yet.

(Yes, yes, it is I, your regularly-running-out-on-the family father figure. It's been a minute - you're all so grown now! I love your hair like that, very fetch. I also come bearing aural tidings. Am I forgiven...? I may need to "head out to get some milk" again in a little bit though. You know how it is.)

Usually I like there to either be a similar subject matter (summer would probably have been more appropriate but I kind of did that last year and as a "music critic", it would be hypocritical of me not to keep it fresh: we know Karina can make a summer festival playlist; she needs to mix it up, try something new, get out of her comfort zone is what I would say) or, most commonly, some semblance of flow or graduation between tracks with particular reference to soundscapes or tempo. I'd like to say the latter is a subliminal jab at how trivial music can be these days with sexist gibberish-laden radio fodder being favoured over intelligible lyricism and thought-out production*, which has made any emotional connection or cognitive impact we get from songs that achieve those feats very rare.
But as a prime example of a twenty-first century passive thinker, this would be asking far too much from me. It does explain my absence though. I haven't quite been hibernating (more like meeting up with people I met on the internet in middle-of-nowhere locations on weekends) but I have become increasingly aware of how much I assimilate everyday without actively participating. I'm on Instagram everyday, all the time, everywhere (everywhere... I always wash my hands though, I swear) but I have to remind myself I haven't updated my own page in a while every month or so. I've yet to wrap my head around people who leave comments on photos. Is it that people rate their own opinions on other people's lives so highly that they feel they must share their thoughts,
or is it a community thing?
Speaking of communities, my participation in the blogging community has always been nonexistent very low. They have these things called Twitter chats that have always confused me. Why do bloggers need to talk to other bloggers in their niche at scheduled times each week? Who decides on the topic for the week, or do the seemingly thousands of people that engage in these chats just go off into hundreds of little groups depending on which conversation starter they happened upon first or liked the sound of the most? What if someone tuned in too late, or had WiFi issues and suddenly stopped replying in the middle of some deep conversation? Who even started this whole shebang? There's just too many unanswered questions. Reposting on Sound Cloud is such a hassle, I have to move the cursor all the way over to that tiny button and, like, click and stuff.
As for Facebook, I don't wish for my "friends" to stop posting about their weddings (!!!) or their new dog or the new coffee place they found. But since these things do not interest me in the slightest (OK, maybe the first one does a bit) and responding to messages requires too much work, I have no reason to come back and actively try to keep up, except that twang of guilt I feel every other week. Casualties of being British, I suppose. The same way a knock on a door must be answered, a direct message must be responded to (on an app that tracks your activity and then harasses you with e-mails whenever it deems it too low).
I know it's been sounding a bit Lars von Trier round these parts but you know what they say: pay day giveth, and pay day taketh away. Not long ago, I was chilling in a park with one of my new internet buddies in the shoes I copped at Zara for £10. Now I'm rationing chicken nuggets and listening to Drake; it's the circle of life.
In summary, I'm pointing out the very obvious fact that it's going to be very quiet round these parts for a month, and then I'll be back with some bright-bright-sunshiny-day content (literally, it is so hot these days and also, these internet meet-ups do have some purpose - I'm not crazy), hence the up-one-minute-down-the-next tempo and Nina Sky's comeback single in this month's playlist. I suppose I also like the idea that I'm prone to a blogger meltdown at least once a year**, something to look forward to.
This playlist's honorary mention definitely goes to The Contract. I almost forgot how wavy their music is and while this is both a little bit mozzarella and probably really awkward considering I kinda sorta vaguely know these guys, I really can't help smiling at Shane Chubbz's lyrics (on this occasion a bit reminiscent of Glover's Rolling in the Deep cover, an old favourite) and Come Home has just proved that DAP's voice will always have me feeling some type of way, falsetto-ed or not.
Drake's gonna have to take the backseat for a little bit.
Speaking of backseat, I think I'll be heading out in the car for that milk now...

PS - Apologies for the random layout. I've been killing time with CSS a lot lately, thought I'd test a few things out. I think I dig the columns. But not enough to commit...

*Note that I did not say "well-thought-out", that would be asking too much from some of today's "musicians."

**It's this heat, man. England is on some major overcompensation game this summer. It burns, even when it rains! You'd think I hadn't lived in Nigeria for ten years, I really can't deal with this foreign salty liquid perspiring from my pores.

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