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In Transit - Bruxelles-Central, Brussels

It was around about this point I started to doubt my A in Geography.

While there was very little planning involved, I did print out maps off Google with pretty much no idea what most of my asterisked landmarks looked like to help with orientation (clever girl, I know).

After walking around Bruxelles-Central station in search of North, I decided to just forgo logic and follow the crowd as they all seemed to be gravitating towards what I assumed was Grand-Place. Thank God for signs and Ms J, my old French teacher is all I can say.

Poor sense of direction aside, Brussels felt surprisingly comfortable.

Perhaps it was the Gothic-design-meets-modern-function architecture, but the city reminded me of Manchester quite a bit. To the point that I forgot to ask if the vendor spoke English first before I started motor-mouthing about what burgers were on offer at one point.

Someone also tried to give me a burner phone and a small paper bag somewhere here. Don't ask me why, he was just really eager to par them off to me and rush off. It was hilariously dodgy in an bruh-I'm-
Nigerian-you-picked-the-wrong-tourist-today kind of way so I just smiled, bid him "adieu" and walked away. He moved on to a puzzled lady behind me but he was gone by the time I looked back again. While I may have missed my chance at being a real-life Frank Tupelo (well, the Frank before the film took a weird and unexpected turn for the worse), I like to think I dodged a bullet there.

photography by me


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