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Checking In: Bruxelles

Checking In: Bruxelles, Belgique | Ses Rêveries

Whilst I am not currently in Brussels anymore, I certainly wish I was. Anywhere but here, at least.

My dad thinks I'm never happy where I am.

I disagree.

I think I'm never where I'm supposed to be. These past few weeks, I've become increasingly aware of my unique sense of bad timing (and bad luck). Of all the animals, I think I've most resonated with the fox and the tortoise and their cunning and acuity of mind, as depicted in those proverbial tales I heard one too many of at primary school in Nigeria. There's always been a loophole or an exit strategy; something else to try, a glimmer of hope, a deus-ex-machina if you will. But maybe not this time around. Only, without the "maybe."

All I want is to be back here in Brussels' Grand-Place, lost in the multilingual crowd and strolling around in awe like my neck had a permanent crick in it forcing me to only look upwards. Not that  I would complain with the prickly Gothic towers for a view, their symmetrical windows, gold accents and the added opulence and chiaroscuro of the Baroque era that make it look otherworldly at night. It is the city's pride and joy for a reason.

This was shot about three months ago but I'm only just getting around to editing my digital mementoes. While I wouldn't be surprise if it takes me just as long to actually publish them (call me the Olsen twins because I have so much to do, so little time), I'm loving looking back all the same.

photography by me


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