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EP: Soft Glas - dos

I would just like to take this moment to thank the Tumblr gods profusely. It is not often that I don't hit refresh when the number of new posts hits double digits to keep my occasionally-Type-A ass from getting an aneurysm, sending the older posts I've yet to scroll past into a digital abyss I will probably never return to. But last night, time and a rare indifference on my part to the rush-hour post deluge aligned momentarily such that I managed to scroll down far enough to catch this little miracle on the dashboard.

As you may know, despite recent evidence to the contrary, I very rarely listen to an artist's full body of work in one fell swoop. It started off as a short-attention span thing, but has now developed into a kind of tradition. I'm sure there are many that share my plight: I simply can't listen to a song without imagining a music video to go with it, and sometimes there's another song in my playlist that just follows one track better than the next track in that album/EP/mixtape etc.

dos isn't necessarily one such EP, or at the very least Joao's distinct sound and ear for music compilation appears to trump my own by far. My penchant for chilled music has seen a major decline in my consumption of Afrobeats these days but with bodies of work like this, is it any wonder?

Below, you'll find his accompanying note to the EP and you can purchase dos on Bandcamp here. Enjoy!

My dearest friends, fans, and family:

As I hope you know, I live my life with a clear purpose: Put out positive energy, help people, and make sure my karma is in line.
With that in mind, I want to release the music that sonically, thematically, or spiritually reflects those ideals. All of this music is a result of a beautiful collaborative process with my talented friends.

Recently, I’ve realized that the world does not always return the positivity you give (at least not immediately!) Due to certain situations, I’ve decided to do the only thing I know how to do: share my music with you. I’ve put out a collection of work that’s been years in the making. This is the first project I’ve ever sold, and with that comes a strange guilt. With that said, I infinitely appreciate your support, whether it be physical, spiritual, or both.

Thank you. With love,

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