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In Transit - Grand Place, Brussels

A "nigga, we made it" moment if there ever was one...

With my exceptional timing, the centre of the square and one of the buildings were undergoing works at the time so there were fences and scaffolding up everywhere because the hundreds of people pressed up against them waving selfie sticks about (never thought of them as health and safety hazards until one nearly took out my eye that afternoon) weren't enough of an inconvenience.
That being said, I could not have been happier to be there! Travelling should make one's problems feel less significant by default; it's a wake-up call in perspective because you're just one person in a world of over seven billion, each with their own crap to deal with.
But that's a tad depressing and not at all resonant with my shamelessly self-involved way of life, so I prefer to just drop whatever's weighing down my shoulders off at customs and let my wide-eyed inner child roam free without a care in this (brave new) world.
Yes, sometimes, returning home to the stagnant pool of pent-up stress can really suck. ass. But most of the time, escaping has proven to be ironically cathartic for me in that I come back with bags of energy and a new lease on life!

Waltzing around Grand Place starry-eyed and completely in awe of each guildhall and edifice, I wondered why advancements in technology had made contemporary architects all but abandon the intricate craftsmanship that went into making the Breadhouse building before me for example, in exchange for all these post-modern glass huts straight out of
the Jetsons.

I literally couldn't stop snapping away at everything, not even focusing properly half the time because it was all so beautiful,
ermahgerd - and then I noticed the red flashing battery icon on JARVIS... And guess who remembered to bring her charger, but not the UK-to-EU power adapter?

Just call me Nathan.

photography by me


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