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Mixtape: Erykah Badu - But U Caint Use My Phone

"You used to call me on my cellular device at night..."

Erykah Badu, with the help of producer Zach Witnessin, perfectly captured Hotline Bling's hipster nostalgia vibe on her new mixtape with this added serenity that was somehow dripping with sarcasm, indifference and IDFWU attitude.

There are some sure winners, I personally have a soft spot for Caint Use My Phone (literally on repeat) and U Don't Have to Call, and some that are definitely acquired tastes according to my brother's humorous blend of disgust and disappointment when he walked in on me jamming to Hi. With a number of inter-track interdependencies, it's definitely one of those tapes you have to listen to in one sitting for context.

Definitely a quirky, humorous concept, the cellphone-driven themes definitely have a subtle relevance (or in the case of Dial'afreaq, not so subtle) in contemporary society, especially given the current exiting-social-media trend. I don't see myself quitting completely as, like this tape points out, I have developed a kind of dependency on my too-many platforms and keeping tabs on people has become part of my daily routine, but screening calls is one of my favourite past-times and my voicemail is essentially where messages go to die.

If "peace and tranquility" were what Badu and Witnessin were going for, they struck gold with the perfect tempo and vibrations because I had no idea I'd gone through the entire tap - twice - until I started making tracks towards my bed last night with the most chilled-out vibes I've had in a while.

If you too are not on the Apple Music train, have no fear. DatPiff's got your stream-loving back. Check out But U Caint Use My Phone below and let me know what you think!


1. Caint Use My Phone (Suite)
2. Hi
3. Cell U Lar Device
4. Phone Down
5. U Use To Call Me (ft Drake)
6. Mr. Telephone Man
7. U Don’t Have To Call
8. Whats Yo Phone Number
9. Dial’afreaq
10. I’ll Call U Back
11. Hello (ft André 3000)

P.S. My music funk appears to be ending, hallelujah.

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