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Playlist: Unwind with Nineties Kanye

Fashion week may not be over yet but, after five hours of nonstop walking and standing in four-inch heels today, my feet are already out for the count.

Currently soundtracking the blood-curdling pain I'm in are the relaxed nostalgic sounds of a twenty-year-old Kanye West from his previously unreleased beat demo tape circa September 1997 that has apparently since been verified.

With hardcore fans on KanyeToThe busying themselves linking the beats to some of Yeezy's early published work - the only one I recognised myself were the guitar synths from Beat 1 on Infamous Syndicate's What You Do To Me so do remind me to never call myself a Yeezy fan in public again (at least not without a disclaimer) - I'm about to get in on the action somewhat by (re)visiting some old 'Ye.

But first, camomile tea and a foot massage.

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