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MuriKKKan Spectatorship

"This society is designed to keep us down and it will only be a matter of time before we get Fanonian because ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I am not a proponent of violence but I am a proponent of black resistance. The anger I felt in my bones upon learning another black man died simply because he was black, and the white imagination is skewed, was so fervent that I shook. The fact is we are living in a white supremacist, neocolonial, society. Your degree, your tax bracket, your occupation...nothing matters if you are black.

Black resistance comes in many forms. We can start by not partaking in watching the deaths of our people. I know this may be polarizing but this is my opinion. Please emancipate yourselves from such voyeurism. You are not, I repeat, you are NOT enacting change or doing any good circulating these videos. You are feeding into the mainstream media's parading of our suffering. Dying black bodies are NOT spectacles. This is akin to crowds watching, grinning + justifying our black bodies swinging from trees. We are still strange fruit. Circulating these videos is also further increasing + deepening the collective PTSD in our community! Especially among young black boys and girls who are on the internet all the time, who will see this and fear they, their fathers + mothers are next. RESIST. RESIST. RESIST. The video serves an important purpose, yes, but the more you circulate, and repost, the more desensitizing this becomes. Black death loses its gravitas. We have become desensitized to something that should SHAKE US to our core, and move us to act. The media is a tool to convince us we are disposable and we cannot allow it to be successful in ingraining this lie into our psyche.
Last thing I will say, and I don't care if I lose followers, or whatever: If you are white and you do not understand + recognize your privilege, it is you who carries a burden not us. #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile #BlackLivesMatter

- Amy Sall (2016)

I couldn't possibly have written anything so in tune with how I feel about the social media frenzy that immediately followed the late Alton Sterling and Philando Castile's untimely, unjust deaths as eloquently as Sunu Journal founder Amy Sall has.


Seeing Red

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