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AW16 Mood Board | Ses Rêveries

If you happened to check out my Instagram Story yesterday, you'll have seen one of my regular romps in Zara's dressing rooms: swathed in leopard print [faux] fur, pretending that my slay was anything but ordinary (it isn't).


It was merely behind-the-scenes fodder for the biggest, baddest Christmas sales production I have ever put on.

"Production?" I hear you ask. With Zara's Christmas sale being my favourite holiday, as much time and effort (that my supervisor could argue was better spent on my design project) goes into developing my brand-, web- and store-specific buying strategies as it would the stereotypical housewife's plans for her Christmas family roast, if not more. While I may never divulge all of my trade secrets, I thought sharing my AW16 Sales vision board would be a nice way to a) end the radio silence on here, and b) keep you mildly entertained and appeased.

This isn't normal practice, mind you. I have a very clear picture in my head of who I like to channel when I shop (hint: she's appeared three times on my
boards). But being a mood dressing shopaholic with an emotional range wider than the Kainji dam and yet an intimidatingly unambiguous opinion on nearly all things sartorial, means I am quite a difficult person to shop for if you haven't lived with me for several years and been subjected to my "WWRD?"* virtual-shopping-buddy WhatsApp texts.

And since I have decided to enlist my family in my quest to rebuild** my closet [because the only thing keeping me out of debt is my refusal to take out an overdraft or credit card and tempt the clothes-hoarding beast within], I needed to make sure they knew exactly what the theme was going to be this season... which is pretty much that there is none in categorical terms. From minimalist silhouettes to maximalism's acid colour wheel and all the preppy co-ordinates and urban puffer jackets in between, I am having the ultimate identity crisis and I love it. Wish me luck, kids.

AW16 Mood Board | Ses Rêveries

*What Would Riri Do?

**More on that on Instagram later... and then Depop #welp

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