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You, Me & The Global We

Inspiration without borders: notes on a prevailing fashion mandate for international "coolness."

photography - Suji So. | words - Karina So.
models - Manchester's finest

The faction system is falling. Personal style - the social currency indicating which tribe you belong to, the House crest telling society where your allegiances lie - is slowly but surely being phased out. In the layering-led minimalism-versus-maximalism fashion landscape today, one would probably look more original with greasy bedhead, kohl-rimmed eyes and a wardrobe teeming with old band tees - albeit terribly cliched in the grand scheme of things, not to mention subject to extreme pigeon-holing in a sad Sky Ferreira kinda way.

Pre Raya, leg selfies in white bed linen and Instagram product placement packages, it was all about small communities united by common tastes or interests and divided by a mutual respect (or disdain) for those of others: Slytherin snobs and Gryffindor jocks, preppy Ravenclaws and stoner Hufflepuffs. But today, we can all wear Thrasher tees apparently, skater scabs optional - even if you think it's a "rock band, babe" (true story). In blending the minimalist tendencies of the East with the urban themes pilfered off the streets of the West, this chorus of exaggerated, expertly curated cries for individuality has now culminated in a widespread same-but-different sartorial situation. In our collective desperation to stand out as the walls of our fragmented cultures come crashing down (Trump willing), we borrow once-traditional emblems of various cultures and fuse them with the personal-style livery we once solely prescribed to, thus defining an amoebic global standard of "cool" we're becoming all too aware of.

While I'm usually allergic to such mass trend following, I can't say I'm not pleased with where things are headed - when not offensive to a culture and the practices of its people. We may not all speak the same language, but there's a certain comfort in being able to cross borders, figurative or literal, and still get consenting nods at your shoe game, no?


Instagram Models - @3illYam, @LinnySofia, @Sviho, @Alessandro_aos, @Summer.Ememem, @TheImperatore
Photography - Suji So.

Outfit Credits

All clothing - models' own

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