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Checking In: Rhyl

As some of you may know, I went to Rhyl for a half-day in August to style a shoot because I'm international now and so in-demand *hair-flip*.

On a more honest note, I really appreciate Liam taking a chance on my unqualified, inexperienced ass. More on that later.

Rhyl was interesting in that there really wasn't much to it despite being one of the country's more popular seaside resort towns. A typical Welsh coastal municipality with the smallest high street I've seen in a long time, a major lack of multi-storeyed buildings to shield against the glare of the sun, and a beach that went on for miles and miles in front of a beautifully minimal view spoiled only by the wind farm on the horizon.

I can't say I'll be back, I had my fill of small towns at boarding school in the Lake District (dark, dark times). But if you do like the quiet, I highly recommend it for itineraries that require nothing but a night in after a long walk on the beach. But as the least competent trip advisor, I'd also recommend checking out Rhyl's tourism website for tips because there's actually quite a lot to do.

Photo diary and editorial, soon come (I've jinxed it, haven't I?).

photography by me

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