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Chinese Folding Screen

Save for my siblings, it's rare for pictures I've taken of people I know outside fashun/photography to surface "publicly".

I started trying to relax this irrational protectiveness over my people with M, one of my favourite people from uni but organising shoots was out of the question. You know what they say about birds of a feather... Family (and a few very unfortunate pictures from school and when I was on the ACS committee) aside, I've explicitly asked the few people who've ever taken my photo to do so. Only my siblings ever ask me to pose for them, to be fair but making my friends do what I otherwise wouldn't seemed unfair so I stopped asking.

When Georgiana offered to model for me though, I lit up like a Christmas tree. We met at my then-second job at the conference centre back in February and bonded over shared creative interests. G however, studies film so my childhood acting aspirations mean I live for her set stories, vicariously revelling in tales from her journey as a budding filmmaker. But its her paradoxical femininity that made her a dream to be able to photograph: it not only plays to the stereotypes of her Eastern European heritage, but also shines through her passion, fearlessness and generous shows of sisterhood. And so the concept for our editorial was born, the cinematic decadence of Chinatown being an obvious (and free) location choice.

While her usual textured chestnut hair that belied its bottle origins was already the perfect amount of insouciance, I wanted vampire glam make-up (ditching the stain effect in the end) because no one else embodies G's quiet strength and incisive resolve quite like Morticia Addams. And said glam was all the excuse I needed to finally debut this Essentiel Antwerp stole I got for a steal at £25. Since we shot this in November, it was a fortuitous necessity, much like her coat: the cape look is so old Hollywood. She'd shown me a picture of the dress we went with once when we were discussing her love for form-fitting silhouettes that opposed my personal disdain for them. Forget that its red. You'll understand exactly why I made an exception to the bodycon when you see her figure. Nude heels were the final full-stop in the editorial brief, and then we were good to go.

Thus concludes this sneak peek behind the Chinese folding screen of a shoot more personal than most.


Model, hair stylist, make-up artist - Georgiana Ghetiu
Creative director, photographer, stylist - Nuyear Hudiz

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