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Spring cleaning my backlogs: behind-the-scenes stills from a shoot I styled in Rhyl last summer.

Boy, it was hot.

Despite shooting for over five hours, we only managed four outfits because keeping your model conscious in blood-curdling heat trumps fashun any day. However, since I usually prefer to start a shoot with the outfits that are either incredibly basic or my least favourites lest the better ones suffer the awkward growing pains of working with virtual strangers for the first time, I'm still pretty bummed we had to cut the few looks I managed to get past Liam, a devout minimalist, that were a bit more... well, me. Not that I've figured out exactly who or what that is yet - and let's be real, getting any kind of experience working with someone else's vision is a blessing this early in my nonexistent career (Liam, you star) - but that's kind of the point. I want to experiment with the colours and patterns that wouldn't be caught dead in my black/grey/navy wardrobe and learn to love them or at least understand them, falling flat on my face in the process or maybe, just maybe, making a little bit of magic.

Casting Sophia, whose Liverpudlian accent threw me because for once I understood every word, was a no-brainer for Liam's minimal beach shoot with her lean frame, glowing freckled skin and long locks of sun-kissed dirty blonde waves. But when it comes to what makes Sophia so striking, the eyes have it. And like most models (up north, at least) Victoria's Secret sits at the very top of her wish list - but when you look like that, is it even fair to call something so plausible a dream?

I'll share Liam's photos from the shoot with full credits soonish. I just need you to be honest with me first: can you tell I edited these on different days in different emotional states without actually referencing back to any of them?

Behind-the-Scenes photography by memeMeMeMEMEMeMeme

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