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Chanel Joan Elkayam

Remind me, have I introduced you to Chanel Joan Elkayam, my collaborator turned boss turned really good friend who invited me to work on her show at London Fashion Week* in February?

April 3, 2017

I'm just going to assume I have. I mean, she's a regular on my Instagram.** Bottom line if you're new though: she's the sweetest, most hardworking teenager (yup) in fashion today and you need to remember her name.

We kept in touch after I interned for her clothing line last summer and I'll admit, helping her with the odd technical issue between catch-up sessioms made me feel slightly less useless at life (not just a pretty face, eh?). But being able to assist the styling team for her AW17 show at LFW was a whole other kettle of fish that I will get to v. soon-ish.

Cut to us meeting up last week in the scarily generous Manchester sunshine, shooting the accompanying editorial with the biggest crew I've ever worked with to date. I got called in to style this six days to the shoot which, FYI, is not nearly enough time for a stylist who doesn't have Kurt Geiger's PR team on speed dial to do the damn ting on a new project but we just about got by, pulling miracles out of our asses right up to the minute we started shooting. Hell, even our Castlefield location was a happy accident that day thanks to our silver-tongued hair stylist, Andrew. And having an extra model, Sophie (getting her make-up done by our MUA Charlotte above) turn up on set was another nice surprise.

But somehow we pulled it off, and I only ran into work five minutes late later that day. I think I'm getting the hang of this Hannah Montana thing, I just need to not fail out of uni (a real possibility rn, no joke).

Emily's still editing the photos but seeing as I essentially put each look together on the spot that fateful day, working out of a suitcase with models I had minimal to no information on measurements-wise and literally no time for fittings, I am way further afield on the horizon of anxiety about getting them back. These were some of the most talented people I've ever worked with though and there's really no wrong way to style Chanel's designs - they're mostly very understated, very classic separates crafted with a maturity beyond her years - but I'm sure I found some. And I will gladly nitpick at them with you as soon as the editorial drops. Stay tuned.

The Aspiring Stylist Who Bit Off Way More Than She Could Chew


Models - Fleur Goodman (J'adore), Abby Heaton, Sophie Gower
Photographer on set - Emily Carter
Stylist - Karina So.
Make-up artist - Charlotte Cardwell
Hair stylist - Andrew J. Manion
Nail artist - Jayne Knowles

all clothing by Chanel Joan Elkayam // behind-the-scenes photography by me

*I know, I'm sitting on a lot of information right now but uni has been torture this year. I feel like Clarice, bargaining with my cannibalistic, mind game-playing coursework for my future as it picks and prods at my mental health for weak spots.

**You know how I always advise against following me? This still holds true content-wise - it's poorly curated and severely lacking in consistency, much like this blog - but it is my first port of call for uselessly sharing the real-time goings-on dans ma vie so if you're into that, you know where to go.

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