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House of Ghetto

Really want to catch this exhibition on House of Ghetto, one of Manchester's Vogue Houses which apparently includes a film by Amy Watson & Dennis Keighron-Foster alongside a series of stylised portraits like the one above by Cornel Simons.

Having lived in the Gay Village once upon a time, I'm almost ashamed to admit I didn't know Voguing communities still existed in this country outside of London but I've already had too many arguments debunking the conspiracy theory that the media (or the Man or the Illuminati or whoever we're blaming these days) have been peddling homosexuality within the black community as some kind of racially biased population control measure, so I'm [as] determined [as can be] to celebrate and educate myself about black gay culture. Plus, the prospect of learning new Vogue moves helps too. Stalking AyaBambi on Instagram can only take you so far, and "far" doesn't quite cut their angular, other-worldly perfection - see below.

All of this however, hinges on whether I can manage to tear myself from my busy, busy schedule this Easter, catching up on months of lost sleep and Netflix Originals. And yes, I am aware of how Becky Inc. I sound right now but I'm on my sober-couch-potato version of a bender right now. I haven't showered or left my flat since Sunday but I have finished The Get Down which means I've already just about bored everyone I know opining about Shao's strong-af leather game and the hot mess that is Mylene (genuinely contemplated writing a essay on Zeke's tres-seksy voice here but, effort).

Somebody let me know what it's like if they go though.


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