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Oh, my God, like, remember when I used to write about music?

Yeah, still doing that, this time for the latest in blog-regular Shane Chubbz's oeuvre: Afro-centric magazine and movement the Native - a pretty impressive catalogue of the latest in music and pop culture coming out of the African continent and diaspora if you're into that sort of thing (you should be). The rapper has since shirked his rhyming duties, much to my eternal dismay, to focus on the media powerhouse-in-the-making, already noting an interview with new kid on the block Nonso Amadi and a collaboration with Vans, Red Bull et al. Think the Fader but for us, by us [which is what a magazine that profits largely off commentary on black culture should be, but talk about beating a dead horse].

Thought I'd share the first draft for a piece I wrote for the Native a while back to keep this space alive before the next inevitable hiatus as I drown in the photos and videos I still have left to edit on a shitty 4GB RAM system with less than 500MB of free memory and a faulty EHD, but who's complaining? Not me, I'm cool, b.

c. February, 2017

Watch Priddy Ugly & Youngsta CPT Show Up for the New Generation in Come to My Kasi

Albums take a lot out of you. Just ask Beyonce. And yet silver-tongued Richardo Moloi, better known as Priddy Ugly, appears to have one-upped her, dropping gold bars track after track on his Sound Cloud in the lead up to his 2016 album You Don’t Know Me Yet to keep fans hooked just long enough for him to make a dramatic hiatus to recharge his batteries… by way of features with fellow South African heavyweights, rapper Reason and DJ Switch among others.

It turns out that wasn’t all he was working on as the November release of the Nkululeko Lebambo-directed visuals for Come to My Kasi off YDKMY, immediately following his latest single In the Mood, marked the return to his usual ear spam.

On Come to My Kasi, the multifaceted Angolan-South African dancer-turned-athlete-turned-rapper channelled Andre 3000’s Southern drawl for the flawless delivery of his signature wordplay alongside rising Cape Town act, Youngsta CPT’s imaginative lyrics and fiery energy.

Lebambo’s visual interpretation sees Priddy Ugly and Youngsta patrolling their kasi – local slang for the townships assigned to black people in Apartheid South Africa – capturing the style and flair, pride and communality, cockiness and fearlessness of the stereotypical Black male in all his glory. Filmed on the streets of Jo’burg, which could just as easily have been Baz Luhrman’s the Bronx in the Get Down or [the nicer parts of] Nigeria's Rivers state even, the video matches the strong steady beat and territorial peacocking of the track in an ode to the street culture that bred both of these talented artists. Check out the video above and stream YDKMY below (recommendation: Pray made it to the top of my workout playlist in the first thirty seconds, and I’ve never even been to the gym in my life*).

*Slight exaggeration here, I have been inside one twice whilst giving campus tours on open days at uni - interesting place, lots of things and pain and sweat happening...

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