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Revised January 30, 2016.


All non-text content made for Ses Rêveries have been shared under the CC BY-NC-ND licence and as such, may not be altered for publication or used for any commercial purpose on any other site without my consent. Please retain full credits for all content used with a link to the original post on this blog. See Reveries is essentially a personal blog and creative journal. All articles shared on Ses Rêveries are original works written and designed by me, and may not be copied or reproduced on any other site without my consent, full credit and a link to the original post on this blog.

I reserve the right to have you remove anything I own that I feel has been misused.


Ses Rêveries will not accept product or cash in exchange for posts or reviews to maintain the organic process by which its content is created. Gifted items will only be featured if they contribute to the aesthetic of the post(s) concerned and will be credited and noted as such with a "c/o" prefix.

Clothing borrowed from designers and/or retailers for editorial purposes will be credited to the brand on the labels of each item, and the designer(s)/retailer(s) will also be explicitly credited for providing wardrobe in the Credits section. See the Collaborations section for more information on how you can partner with Ses Rêveries.


Some interviews/features were requested by the artists or their management, while others were contacted either directly or through their PR agent. This is always indicated in the preamble of the post. The views and opinions expressed by featured guests are solely those of the speaker(s) and do not reflect my own views.


Music submissions are free and will continue to be accepted, either for review or inclusion in a playlist at my discretion via e-mail only. Sound Cloud is preferred; Spotify highly discouraged as it is not as easily accessible to non-users. Please include the relevant links to and background information of the track/body of work and its creator(s). All submissions will be identified as such at the bottom of the post and included in the Track Lines directory as part of the Subway series. I will always express my honest opinion about your work.


All original editorial content shared on Ses Rêveries have been created under my creative direction, usually with the support of varying teams of creatives based around the UK. Therefore, I am unable to accept editorial submissions for publication on my blog that I have not been involved in. I am however, always looking to meet and work with new talent and creatives so, should you wish to join the creative team or lend clothes and collaborate on a Ses Rêveries editorial, please register your interest via e-mail with a link to your portfolio and the town/city in which you are based, and I will get back to you shortly.

For external/commercial collaborations and commissioned projects, please e-mail me with the creative brief attached if possible including details of your project and how my services may be of use. My portfolio can be found here for your perusal. The content created as a result of this collaboration may be shared on Ses Rêveries under the CC BY-NC-ND licence if permitted, with full credits retained.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

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